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  • I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with this company you normally have everything I want and need, I think that I’m more impressed with your quick response to questions and how truly courteous and respectful your staff is, thank you for your great customer service and your professionalism, may your staff and their families stay safe

    Lolita Burrell
  • Hi I have been a loyal customer since the pandemic and on your site ordering but I don’t ever see Lysol wipes travel pack can you tell me when u may have them again

  • Everything is sold out
    Why would you post all these sold out products ???

    Gayle Jordan
  • I received my order was very pleased gave some to my daughter she was happy as well but I would like more Lysol spray you’re all out Will you be getting more in soon?

    C Hampton
  • I ordered 3 different products and received my 2 Lysol sprays and another product a while ago. Fast delivery. However when I tried to order another 2 cans they are out of stock. It would be great when we can get products once again.

    Brenda Iwans

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