Shipping Help & Refund Policies

Make sure your address is correct and properly filled out! USPS will not deliver if there is any mistake! 

We DO NOT sell or offer any services to or in Minnesota. 



The automatically suggested shipping box will usually be the correct option. Shipping prices are based on the total weight of the order, if the actual shipping cost is lower than our estimated price we refund the shipping overpayment. 

If your shipping address is a PO box please keep your order below 8 items because it will not fit in a USPS box. All first time orders will have Signature Confirmation, You must be home on the day of delivery to accept the package! If you are not available USPS/UPS will not leave the package and you will have to pick it up at the post office

Cancel Order - Orders may only be canceled if they have not been shipped. Fulfilled orders can be cancelled if they have not been picked up by the shipping carrier. A restocking fee of up to $2/per item may be applied to any canceled order. 

Combined Shipping/Shipping Over payment - We will combine shipping when possible and refund any extra payment. If we are able to get a cheaper shipping rate we will refund any extra payment. 

Confidentiality - All of your information is confidential, We DO NOT sell or share ANY customer information. 

RETURNED TO SENDER - Orders that have signature confirmation require someone to be present to sign for the package upon delivery. If nobody is available to sign for the package they will leave a note with instructions to pick up the package from the nearest post office, if you do not pick it up within 10 days the package gets returned to sender. If a package is returned to us due to non pickup or an incorrect address, we will issue a refund for the items only, shipping cost will not be refunded


We will refund unauthorized orders. But we will not give out free items. If you did not authorize the purchase, you need to contact us immediately, our phone number will be in the bank statement description, text that number immediately if you did not make the purchase. If the order has been shipped we will wait to refund until delivery is refused and sent back. Every Unauthorized Purchase will be refunded if delivery is refused and the package is sent back unopened. Every order will have Signature Confirmation and Proof of Delivery recorded. You can refuse to sign and tell USPS/UPS to return the package to sender. If you or someone in your household, signs and receives the package, this is confirmation that you authorized the purchase and the sale is complete. Signature Confirmation and Proof of Delivery is to prevent those who plan on ordering and calling their bank claiming its unauthorized after the items are delivered, from ordering. In case a charge-back is still attempted, providing the Signature Confirmation, Proof of Delivery & Our Payment Policy has reversed the charge-backs every time. Every order over $100 will require an email response to confirm the order is authorized before it is shipped! If you end up doing a charge back, you violate our purchase policy and user agreement policy, in which case you are no longer protected by our confidentiality policy, and we will sell your personal information to pay for the charge back loss. 

RETURN POLICY - All sales are final, We do not accept returns. Orders can be cancelled before they are shipped, Once the order is shipped the sale is complete and cannot be cancelled or returned. 


Refunds - will not be issued for "item not delivered" claims, Unless it is verified by USPS/UPS tracking. For example if the address was incorrect, The tracking would show the package being returned to us, or if USPS/UPS lost the package the tracking would say unable to deliver, but if USPS/UPS tracking says DELIVERED then the sale is complete and no longer eligible for a refund. 

Replacement Policy If an item arrives damaged (Non functional, unusable), take pictures immediately and email them to us! Damaged items can partially refunded or replaced if they cannot be used, but you must send pictures of the damaged item on the day of delivery. Single item orders are not covered by the replacement policy. We strongly discourage ordering 1 single item because the packaging does not offer enough protection, for that reason we limit orders to 3 items minimum so we can ship the order in a box, if you order 1 single item your item will not be eligible for a refund or replacement if the item arrives damaged. We define "damaged item" as an item that is damaged to the point that it is no longer functional, Superficial/Cosmetic damage such as scratches, dents or a cracked cap (if the cap is not vital to item functionality) are not eligible and will not be refunded/replaced. Customer/Buyer pays for replacement shipping

Leaks - Some items could potentially leak from pressure changes during shipping. We tape off the caps with flexible black tape to help prevent leaks and put all liquid items into plastic bags, it helps but it is not 100% effective and leaks occasionally happen. If a small leak happens this is not considered a damaged item and will not be refunded or replaced. Many wipes containers are overfilled by the manufacturer and may leak some of the excess liquid during shipping, this is completely normal, the wipes will not dry out or lose effectiveness or functionality in any way, so wipes leaks will not be refunded or replaced, but in most cases we will include a free courtesy item on your next order if any of your items leaked. 

Payment Policy & Purchase Agreement - When you place an order you enter into an agreement to honor your purchase and the price you paid. This means you understand and agree to pay the price which includes a fee which pays for time, labor, supplies, etc. Under the Purchase Agreement you and your information are protected and completely confidential, we do not sell, trade, or in any way disclose your information to any unrelated parties, unless the purchase agreement is violated. Starting a chargeback/unauthorized charge dispute violates our policy and voids the confidentiality promised by the purchase agreement. If a chargeback is started we reserve the right to sell any and all personal information to pay for the charge back loss, 1providers and associates will not be liable for any damages that result from any attempts to settle a negative balance caused by a chargeback. There is absolutely no reason to ever do a charge back, If someone used your information and made an unauthorized purchase you can contact us and we will cancel the order.